the playground
Brand identity / stationery / website
The Playground is an innovative, forward thinking stationery company. Its clients are the same as the company - creative professionals from various design disciplines: marketing and branding agencies, design studios, artists.​​​​​​​
Brief: The Playground needed a fresh brand identity for its print materials and online presence that would show its creative and playful approach towards the business and its clients.​​​​​​​
Solution: The combination of a bouncing ball - bouncing ideas, - and a white space - as an empty sheet to generate ideas, - is an integral part of every creative process. I used it to represent a curious, playful and innovative spirit of the Playground. The contrast of bright red and white helped to strengthen the sense of dynamic nature and agility the company lives by. ​​​​​​
Tools: Pen and paper / Illustrator / Indesign / Sketch
[Student brief]
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